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Environmental Policy Statement

DeRoyal is committed to continually identifying and eliminating risks to our employees, the public and the environment. We strive to foster a company-wide understanding of the environmental impact of our operations and products and encourage employees to develop ideas to reduce or prevent the generation of any waste which impacts our environment.

To ensure DeRoyal maintains company-wide compliance with environmental laws, DeRoyal Industries' Environmental, Safety and Health Manager receives and conveys to the divisions, affiliates and subsidiaries all applicable information concerning current and developing environmental laws. Responsible persons at each facility obtain necessary permits and monitor all aspects of environmental compliance.

DeRoyal focuses much of its attention on waste minimization efforts. We work to develop manufacturing processes that are less wasteful, to eliminate or reduce waste from the beginning. For example, we were able to reduce the amount of plastic waste by improving and replacing one of the molds used in our injection molding process. To minimize the solid waste streams of its customers, and thereby reduce the volume of waste shipped to landfills or incinerators, DeRoyal incorporates necessary product components in single packages, kits or procedural trays, eliminating the individual packaging normally removed and disposed of by the customer.

Since waste minimization is not always possible, DeRoyal recycles where possible. Many of our facilities recycle plastic, corrugated, aluminum cans and other metal scrap, paper, foam, chemicals and fluorescent lamps. We recycle internally using plastic regrind in some of our own products.

Other environmental efforts DeRoyal has made include utilizing recycled material for inner packaging and purchasing paper office supplies made with a percentage of post consumer waste. Our ethylene oxide sterilization facility has made a significant investment in new equipment to reduce emissions. All fluorescent lamps are recycled and we have made a significant investment in upgrading lighting at our facilities resulting in substantial energy savings.

As stated in DeRoyal's mission statement, we promise to respect the environment and demonstrate our responsibility to the communities in which we operate through time and investment. We support technology, equipment, people, and initiatives which demonstrably improve the quality of life for a community.



Go Green East TN Outstanding Achievement in Recycling

Sponsored by the Knoxville Business Journal

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CintasĀ® Document Management Environmental Award

Awarded for the following achievements at DeRoyal Corporate:

  • 165 Trees Saved
  • 19 Barrels of Oil Saved
  • 68,040 Gallons of Water Saved
  • 29 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space Saved
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