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DeRoyal Celebrates 45 Years in Business

We celebrated our 45th anniversary on Friday with a party, some reflections and stories from Pete spanning 45 years and a great motivational "locker room" talk from Coach Phillip Fulmer. Thanks to all our employees and customers for helping us reach this milestone!

2018 has been a momentous year for DeRoyal- 45 years in business!  When you think back to 1973 to present, the enormity of change that we have encompassed is a bit overwhelming. DeRoyal has certainly had it’s share of success. From our most humble beginnings of building cast shoes in Pete's home garage, to expanding the business to a global reach in physical location and customer sales, to growing in company breadth and depth of products and innovation all of which impact the livelihoods of 2000 employees and their families. Consider all the new products that have been added, the industry changes, the growth and expansion in people and locations, and the impact we have had in the medical device industry; it is remarkable. While this journey started with one person’s idea 45 years ago—the one constant in all of these years has been dedicated employees. A true measure of success will be the number of people touched and transformed by what we do. We are grateful to each of you for the success this organization has experienced. 

Throughout 2018, events and activities took place to commemorate this special time in the history of our company including monthly DeNews that recognized employees who have 30 or more years of tenure with the company. We think you will agree, our employees are one of our best competitive advantages. We hope you enjoyed learning more about your coworkers and their contributions.

Finally, congratulations to us, Pete & Brian for your past contributions and cheers to many more years. We should all appreciate what we do to keep our company thriving and while not related in the traditional sense of the word, we are a family, and all are striving for continued success of the company.

Thank you for the value you bring each day to DeRoyal!
Let's appreciate this milestone of 45 years in business!

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