DeRoyal® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Devices enabled
with the Continuum® System provide ease and automation
allowing for the best care possible through:


Automated Charge Capture Secure Inventory Control Automated Reorder Process
Faster Patient Discharge Reduced Nursing Time



Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is typically managed by a paper based systems that involve at least one vendor for inpatient care and a separate Durable Medical Equipment provider (DME) for outpatient care. In many cases, multiple DMEs are involved in delivering inpatient and outpatient care for one hospital. The standard system requires close coordination between the hospital and DME because the hospital must swap from the inpatient NPWT device to one provided by the DME at discharge. This system may limit a hospital's ability to timely discharge patients. It also places a significant time burden on staff to perform sometimes unnecessary dressing changes and document inpatient usage for charge capture. This standard model for supply chain management of NPWT devices leads to lost charges and increased hospitalization durations. DeRoyal has developed an alternative model, the Continuum® NPWT system, that automates the management of NPWT, virtually eliminating the need for multiple devices for a single patient and thus optimizing patient care.



The Continuum® NPWT system managed 529 patients that received NPWT treatment with a total of 3716 rental days. The system decreased discharge time by 28 minutes due to elimination of paperwork and eliminating 90% of discharge dressing changes resulting in 45 minutes of recovered clinician time per incidence. The hospital discharged 94 patients with the NPWT device used while in the hospital and the ability to discharge on non-dressing change days saved 89 hospitalization days. Patient utilization of NPWT increased by 25.1% while average days of inpatient NPWT decreased by 2.9%. The Continuum® NPWT system allowed for discharge of 14 Medicaid patients that would have required hospitalization until completion of treatment under standard NPWT systems. Annualized cost and time savings are estimated to be $503,320 and 210 hours, respectively.

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