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DeRoyal® Bracing Powered by The Boa® Closure System

DeRoyal Orthopedics is proud to deliver the patented Boa® Closure System in five of our most trusted products:

  • Capitalâ„¢ Collar Enhanced
  • Prolign® EXT
  • ULTRAlign®+ LSO
  • DeRoyal® Sports Orthosis
  • Element® Sport

These popular DeRoyal braces now offer a significantly improved level of fit, ease of use, and clinical benefit over braces with traditional closures (hook-and-loop fasteners, straps, etc.).

A simple, one-handed turn of a knob is all it takes to give the user a customized, comfortable fit that can be micro-adjusted on-the-fly.

The Boa® Advantage:

  • Glove-like fit
  • Micro-adjustibility
  • Powerful closure
  • Lightweight
  • On-the-fly adjustment
  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Durable
DeRoyal Bracing products powered by the Boa® Closure System:

Capitalâ„¢ Collar Enhanced

The perfect choice for post-operative cervical spine stabilization and support.

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Prolign® EXT

The perfect choice for general low back pain.

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The dependable choice for most L1-L5 pathologies.

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DeRoyal® Sports Orthosis

Ideal for acute and chronic ankle sprains.

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Element® Sport

Addresses severe ankle sprains and overuse issues.

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For more information about these and other DeRoyal Orthopedic products, contact your DeRoyal Sales Representative or DeRoyal Customer Support at 1-800-251-9864.