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DeRoyal offers healthcare providers and medical products distributors a variety of value-added Web tools to make ordering and using our products easier.  These include:

DeRoyal Order Connection

The DeRoyal Order Connection supply management tool allows you to replenish your DeRoyal product inventory directly from the Web - no more phone or fax orders!  The DeRoyal Order Connection also allows you to control your inventory more tightly.

PACK Management

The DeRoyal PACK Management supply management tool allows you to manage your own supply of custom surgical products.  You can manage inventory, view and modify bills of materials, submit change requests, conduct standardization analyses and determine best practice solutions.

Billing Index

The DeRoyal Billing Index reimbursement lookup tool helps you quickly look up HCPCS reimbursement codes for our Orthopedics products. With the Billing Index, finding HCPCS reimbursement codes is simple - just enter the DeRoyal part number! The Billing Index provides the description plus floor, ceiling and state-specific reimbursement values for each HCPCS code.

Please Note:

ONLY ESTABLISHED DeRoyal Customers in the U.S.A. may register for DeRoyal Web Tools.  Also, ONLY ESTABLISHED CUSTOM TRAYS CUSTOMERS may register for PACK Management.

If you're not currently a DeRoyal Customer, Contact a DeRoyal Sales Rep Today to apply for a customer account!

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