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Polyderm™ Hydrophilic Foam Wound Dressing

  • Effective in management of moderate to heavily exudating wounds
  • Made of non-adherent, highly absorbent, lint-free polyurethane foam
  • Thick, soft construction that is extremely comformable and comfortable
  • Ideal for painful wounds requiring protection and cushioning
  • Protects granulating tissue for effective healing
  • Available in six styles:
    • Radial slit for tube sites
    • Polyderm with non-bordered foam
    • Polyderm Border with stretchable fabric tape border for sensitive skin; also available with a 2” radial slit as a secure tube site dressing
    • Polyderm Plus with border and breathable barrier film for extra moisture vapor transmission and protection from external contaminants
    • Polyderm Barrier with a transparent film adhesive border
    • Polyderm GTL - silicone adhesive bordered and non-bordered foam
  • Primary or secondary dressing
Dermal ulcers, Pressure ulcers, Leg ulcers, Secreting ulcers, Second degree burns, Acute wounds, Lacerations and abrasions, Tube sites
Product #FoamBorderQty/BxQty/CsCalifornia Customers
*WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including toluene diisocyanate, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to
46-9052¼” x 2¼”n/a1050*
46-9063¾” x 3¾”n/a1050 
Polyderm Border
Product #FoamBorderQty/BxQty/Cs
46-9152¼” x 2¼”4” x 4”1050
46-9163¾” x 3¾”6” x 6”1050
46-9082½” Diameter w/2” Radial Slit4” Diameter1050
Polyderm Plus
Product #FoamBorderQty/BxQty/Cs
46-9252¼” x 2¼”4” x 4”1050
46-9263¾” x 3¾”6” x 6”1050
Polyderm Barrier
Product #FoamBorderQty/BxQty/Cs
46-9352¼” x 2¼”3¾” x 3¾”1050
46-9363¾” x 3¾”6¾” x 6”1050
Polyderm GTL Non-Border
Product #FoamBorderQty/BxQty/Cs
46-9502” x 2”n/a1030
46-9514” x 5”n/a1030
46-9526” x 6”n/a1020
Polyderm GTL Bordered
Product #FoamBorderQty/BxQty/Cs
46-9541” x 1”2” x 2”1030
46-9162½” x 2½”4” x 4”1030

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