DeRoyal Industries Inc., with a 38 year history of providing high quality products and innovative services to the healthcare industry, announces its entry into the global orthopaedic fracture repair market. “We are incredibly excited to offer a line of high quality, domestically manufactured orthopaedic trauma implants,” said DeRoyal CEO, Brian DeBusk. “In today's healthcare environment, doctors and hospitals need access to cutting-edge technology that is also mindful of mounting cost pressures. At DeRoyal, we have worked with our physician partners to incorporate the aspects of both features and cost into a product that offers an unprecedented value proposition. Our line will continue to broaden over time as we move into every aspect of orthopedic trauma."

Escalating implant costs, declines in provider reimbursement, and healthcare reform on the horizon, have created an ideal environment for DeRoyal Implants to enter the marketplace and address these issues head-on. The focus is to create a sales model which streamlines the supply chain, reduces the selling, general and administrative costs associated with highly compensated medical device reps and pass those savings directly through to its customers.

DeRoyal Implants recently launched its small fragment and large fragment plate and screw sets. The company will continue to develop a comprehensive line of domestically manufactured implants and instruments, with several new product launches slated for release over the next several months. Product development will center on implants commonly used in high volume surgical trauma procedures. “Having in-house manufacturing allows us to react quickly to market conditions, directly control our quality initiatives, and expedite our product launches,” says Travis Turley, Director of DeRoyal Implants. “We are excited by Brian’s (DeRoyal CEO) vision and the future of DeRoyal Implants, as we lead the charge to impact the landscape of orthopaedic device sales and address rising concerns over healthcare costs.”