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Acute & Surgical Supply Solutions
Integrated Solutions that Optimize
Inventory Management
DeRoyal’s Continuum® Acute & Surgical Supply Solutions combine inventory management and point of use data to increase revenue, make informed business decisions, and allow clinicians to focus exclusively on patient care.

Inventory Monitoring Made Easy
With Continuum AIR™ Scanner

0 Expired

 Track expired inventory

Reduced Time*

 Cut Inventory Management Time for Clinician


Continuum AIR™ Scanner, a portable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanning device, delivers these inventory management improvements:

  • Automate manual inventory activities including counts, expiration checks and recalls 
  • Generates cloud reports to easily track expiring products  
  • Identify inventory reduction opportunities 

Add Intelligence to the OR
with OSCAR® Smart Receptacle


 Reduced Clinical Documentation Time

 $10,000+ Savings*

 Savings Attributed to Usage Visibility

The Continuum® system’s OSCAR® smart receptacle utilizes RFID technology to achieve: 

  • Simplified, 99.8% accurate supply capture at the point of use.*
  • Reports supply usage, case cost, and Unique Device Identification (UDI) 
  • Minimal effort: Simply Pick it. Use It. Throw it away.®   

 Transparent Tracking with Continuum®
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

 2611 Days*

 Accurately Tracked Rental Days over 6 Months


 Annual Capital Equipment Recovery


The Continuum® NPWT System leverages RFID, GPS, and cloud-based software to achieve:

  • Integrated digital chain of custody and device tracking to avoid equipment loss 
  • Clear visibility of daily billing and rental 
  • Thorough integration with healthcare systems, insurance providers, and individual hardware 

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