DeRoyal Industries is proud to announce the addition of two new patents in Powell, TN. The company’s history of innovation started with just one patent almost forty years ago and has continued to grow over the years.

In 1973, STAT Medical (the precursor to DeRoyal Industries) was founded by Pete DeBusk and in 1975, his patent for a cast shoe began four decades of product development and innovation in the health care industry. Today the company is led by Brian DeBusk who stresses a continued culture of intellectual curiosity.

Recently, Pete DeBusk led a team to patent another revolutionary product, the Element™ Ankle Brace. Pete recognized that ankle bracing was missing a key element, control of the heel. DeRoyal patented an ankle brace with a strapping system that stabilizes the heel to prevent inversion/eversion of the ankle.

DeRoyal is constantly building on its foundation of improving care and improving business. “Everything we do as a company resonates this message, it’s a tagline that we stand for and live by every day,” says DeRoyal’s President and COO, Bill Pittman. By listening to our customers and understanding their needs, we are able to provide the solutions they request, as well as to predict and design products they’ve yet to imagine.

Also, adding to the wall of patents is a product by Bill Pittman. He developed a safer means of counting and handling surgical sharps in hospital operating rooms. “The 'Improving care' component of our tag line extends to the providing safe solutions for the caregiver customers,” quotes Bill.