In order to help support breast cancer awareness and research, DeRoyal will donate US$10.00 for each case of its non-magnetic surgical instrument pad, the Pink Mat™, sold during the month of October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The donation will be made to a renowned international organization to help support their fight against breast cancer.

It is estimated that breast cancer will afflict over 1.3 million women worldwide each year for the next 20 years. In that 20-year period, 11 million women will die of breast cancer, with the highest incidence occurring in countries that are ill equipped to treat the disease. Breast cancer education and medical resources vary greatly from country to country. DeRoyal’s contribution will help fund programs in more than 50 countries as part of a nearly US$1.5 billion investment in research, education and community programs.1

DeRoyal’s Pink Mat™ Non-magnetic Instrument Pad consists of a special slip-proof surface to which instruments cling, making it an efficient and economical method to help keep sterile instruments and supplies on the sterile field. The Pink Mat may alternatively be used to cover the mayo stand to reduce noise, or be rolled up on the mayo stand for instrument positioning. It is fully disposable, single-use to reduce clean-up time, and its bright pink color facilitates instrument placement via peripheral vision. Most importantly, each purchase of the Pink Mat will result in a direct donation towards breast cancer programs and research. accessed 11 September 2013.