DeRoyal Industries, Inc. announced today their latest patent, H2NO, to safely collect and evacuate high fluid surgical cases in the OR. Currently the problem is any arthroscopic procedure can produce high volumes of fluid runoff and creates the challenge to regulate how much spills over the drapes and onto the floor. This challenge can put the operating room personnel at risk for a fall incident during surgery. Post-surgery personnel are also at risk of fall injury, exposure or other injury during clean up and turnover of the operating room. The solution, H2NO, manages and helps dispose of waste fluid during a variety of medical procedures, and offers anti-fatigue properties with unique fluid channels that keep the clinician comfortable and safe.

Historically, DeRoyal has entrepreneurial foundations and patents have always been a part of the DNA of the company. According to company President & C.O.O. Bill Pittman: “while this is a great invention, I’m most proud of the fact that two more DeRoyal employees now have contributed to our patent arsenal! Year-to-date, six DeRoyal employees have been awarded their first patent including folks in our software development group, supply chain and marketing. We are striving to build a culture whereby we bring out the creativity of all of our employees regardless of their assignment.”