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Jetox™ ND Jet Lavage Wound Cleansing & Debridement System

  • One of the simplest, most efficient methods of achieving a clean, fast healing wound
  • Initiates thorough cleansing using compressed air/oxygen combined with a minimal amount (1.5ml/min) of standard sterile solution
  • Quickly and efficiently cleans and debrides wounds without the mess and encumbrance of traditional systems
  • Administers a cool, gentle jet stream that creates a desensitizing effect for the patient
  • The treatment of choice for patients sensitive to other forms of debridement
  • Uses standard connectors for portable and wall gas outlets and saline dispensers, does not require a vacuum system, generator or gun
  • Ideal for bedside application in hospital, clinic or home settings
  • Completely disposable, with virtually no cleanup of the work environment
  • Easy set-up, lightweight and portable
  • Sophisticated, yet simple
  • Less mess, less cost
  • Easily controlled PSI
  • Microdrops between 5-100 microns accelerated up to 200 meters per second
  • Not made with natural rubber latex system
  • Ideal for maintenance debridement
Diabetic ulcers, Pressure ulcers, Venous stasis ulcers, Burns, Abrasions, Trauma injuries
Product # Description Qty/Cs
48-500 Jetox-ND Wand 25
48-501 Jetox-ND Tubing Set 25
48-555 Jetox-ND Mini-Pack w/5 Wands, 5 Tubing Sets N/A
48-601 Jetox-ND Fit All Tubing Sets 25
48-444 Jetox-ND Mini-Pack w/5 Wands, 5 Fit All Tubing Sets N/A

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