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DeWrap™ Three-Layer Compression System

  • Three-layer compression system that delivers sustained, graduated compression for lower extremities
  • Provides recommended level of compression (30-40mmHg) to improve calf pump function
  • Reduces venous hypertension and aids in healing venous ulcerations
  • Seven-day wear time
  • Three layers not made with natural rubber latex:
    • Absorptive layer - Conformable, breathable, pads bony prominences and absorbent
    • Elastic Layer - Comfortable and conformable, easy to apply; provides breathability and graduated pressure
    • Cohesive layer - Self adhering to secure bandage system, providing graduated compression for seven-day wear time
  • Can be used with other primary or secondary dressings
Venous insufficiency, Lower extremity edema, Venous leg ulcers
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