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Dressing Kits

  • Nine Laceration Trays, with components for local anesthesia and quality instruments for suturing
  • Suture Removal Kits in five configurations
  • Three types of I.V. Start Kits
  • Six all-inclusive Dressing Kits for wound care, TNP/CVC, dressing changes, sharp debridement, blood draws and dialysis
  • Primary or secondary dressing
Vascular access sites (I.V. and C.V.C.), First and second degree burns, Dermal ulcers, Superficial wounds, Surgical incisions, Lacerations and abrasions, Donor sites
Dressing Kits (Semi Rigid Tray Pkg)
Product # Description Kits/Cs
47-003 TPN/CVC Kit w/Covaderm Plus V.A.D. 50
47-004 TPN/CVC Kit w/Transeal 50
47-006 Dressing Change Kit 50
47-007 Sharp Debridement Kit 30
47-500 Blood Draw Accessory Kit 100
47-501 Dialysis Kit 50

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  • UPN:
  • Sterilization:
  • Latex:
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