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Double-Strap Limb Holders

  • Soft, breathable foam construction for patient comfort
  • Variety of cuff closures to accommodate patient and caregiver needs
  • Double-strap design allows for two attachment points providing more limited range of motion options
  • Straps attach with quick-release (QR) ties
  • Straps are sewn onto inside of cuff (except M20114-B sewn onto outside of cuff) to help eliminate tightening on limbs
  • Variety of strap lengths to accommodate all bed types and sizes
  • Double-padded cuff design available (M2052)
Patients at risk of unplanned extubations; Patients who disrupt medical treatment
Cuff Closure Strap Attachment Cuff Dimensions Strap Length Qty Product #
Seawave Buckle QR Ties 13½” L x 3” W 39 ½” 50 Pair/Case M20114
Seawave Buckle QR Ties 12” L x 3” W 49” 50 Pair/Case M20114-B
QR Buckle QR Ties 13” L x 3” W 52” 50 Pair/Case M20116
QR Buckle QR Ties 13” L x 3” W 55” 50 Pair/Case M2052
D-rings QR Ties 14" L x 3" W 39"   1 Pair M9400 
D-rings QR Ties 14” L x 4” W 51 ½” 6 Pair/Case M41401
D-rings QR Ties 12” L x 3” W 51 ½” 1 Pair M41402
D-rings QR Ties 13” L x 3” W 54” 6 Pair/Case M2031
D-rings QR Ties 13” L x 3” W 54” 50 Eaches M20113

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