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Disposable Pressure Transducers

  • Available with or without stopcocks attached
  • Free interface cables available to fit most pressure monitors and amplifiers
  • Not made with natural rubber latex unless otherwise noted
  • All items packed sterile unless otherwise noted
  • Edwards Lifesciences Disposable Transducer Available with built-in 3 cc flush device
  • Straight fluid paths that are easy to debubble
  • Conforms to the most popular hospital-wide transducer for easy transfer with patient
Product No. (Edwards Lifesciences) Product No. (ICU Medical Phone Jack) Product No. (Biosensor Accutrans) Description Qty California Customers
* WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including bisphenol A, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
77-400371 - - - - Transducer w/12” Pigtail Cable MLL and FLL—Version 1 25/Cs  
- - 77-400912 - - Transducer w/12” Pigtail Cable MLL and FLL—Version 1 25/Cs *
77-400372 - - - - Transducer w/48” Pigtail Cable MLL and FLL—Version 2 25/Cs  
77-400374 - - - - Version 1 w/3-Way Stopcock on Top and 1-Way on Bottom 25/Cs  
77-400377 - - - - Version 1 w/3-Way Stopcock on Top and 3 cc/Hr Flush Device 25/Cs  
77-400380 - - - - Version 2 w/High Pressure 3-Way Stopcock on Top Side Mounted and 1-Way On Bottom (Standard Right Heart Kit) 25/Cs  
77-400765 - - - - Single Arterial Line Kit w/60” Tubing 25/Cs  

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