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DeROM® Elbow

  • Dynamic splint provides low load prolonged stretch to soft tissue to restore joint’s ROM
  • Flexion and extension assist in a single unit
  • Malleable cuffs for a customized fit
  • Easy to set and release tension with integrated adjustment tool and tension release lever
  • Unique quick straps for easy application and removal
  • Tension Limiting Control (TLC) knob prohibits excessive force
  • Range of motion stops for static progressive splinting
  • Replaceable foam liners
Joint stiffness; ROM limitations; Soft tissue contractures
Size Biceps Circumference Product # Right Replaceable Softgoods Right Product # Left Replaceable Softgoods Left
C 9” - 12” 4229CR 4229CRK 4229CL 4229CLK
D 12” + 4229DR 4229DRK 4229DL 4229DLK

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