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DeRoyal® CoolJet® Cold Therapy Unit

  • Patented Automatic Temperature Control (ATC™) measures and regulates temperature to provide therapeutic cold therapy without manual adjustment
  • Intuitive LED light lets user know when the unit is in therapeutic zone and advises when to add ice
  • Portable system suitable for any medical setting or treatment at home
  • Therapy Blankets optimize temperature distribution, insulation and comfort
  • Blanket Wraps increase insulation and ensure precise placement of blankets
  • Intuitive screw top opening
Reduce pain or soft tissue swelling after trauma or surgery


DO NOT use cold therapy on patients with any of the following contraindications:
  • History of cold injury, frostbite, or adverse reactions to cold therapy
  • Incoherent due to sedation, anesthesia, coma, or sleep
  • Decreased skin sensitivity or localized circulation or wound healing problems, including those caused by multiple surgical procedures
  • Circulatory syndromes due to Raynaud's disease, Buerger's disease, peripheral vascular disease, vasopastic disorders, or hypercoagulable clotting disorders
  • Hand/wrist or foot/ankle surgery exhibiting polyneuropathy
  • Children 12 and under
  • Local tissue infection
  • Diabetes

If you have any of the above contraindications, ask your healthcare provider for alternate treatments.

Description Product #
Cold Therapy Unit T800
Combo Units Non-Sterile Sterile
Hip/Lumbar T825NS T825ST
Knee/Shoulder T835NS T835ST
Knee/Shoulder (w/attached straps) T836NS T836ST
Shoulder/Knee (w/attached straps) T837NS T837ST

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  • Sterilization:
  • Latex:
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