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Hand-Activated Electrosurgical Pencils

  • Reliability at your fingertips
  • Three-prong plug fits most electrosurgical generators
  • Flexible 10’ cord for easy set up and drapeability
  • Universal chuck accommodates 3/32” electrode and eliminates unintended rotation during use
  • Yellow and blue color-coded switch with audible and tactile feedback to confirm activation and identify cut/coag controls
  • Fluid-proof textured barrel prevents slipping or shock
  • New versions available with PTFE coated electrodes that reduce tissue adhesion
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
Sterile Product Offering
Sterile Uncoated Sterile PTFE Coated Description
88-000031 88-000041 Rocker Switch Pencil
88-000032 88-000042 Button Switch Pencil
88-000001 88-000021 Rocker Switch Pencil w/Holster
88-000002 88-000022 Button Switch Pencil w/Holster
88-001501 -- Rocker Switch Pencil w/15’ Cord, Holster
88-001502 88-001522 Button Switch Pencil w/15’ Cord, Holster
88-000051 - - Rocker Switch Pencil w/Holster, Tip Cleaner
88-000052 - - Button Switch Pencil w/Holster, Tip Cleaner
88-000008 - - Holster
88-000222 - - Button Switch Pencil w/1” Needle, Holster
Non-Sterile Product Offering
OEM Non-Sterile Uncoated OEM Non-Sterile PTFE Coated Description
88-000003 88-000006 Rocker Switch Pencil
88-000004 88-000007 Button Switch Pencil
-- 88-001521 Rocker Switch Pencil w/15’ Cord, Holster
-- 88-101521 Rocker Switch Pencil w/15’ Cord

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  • UPN:
  • Sterilization:
  • Latex:
  • HCPCS Code:
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