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Gauze Kits

  • Delivers superior and proven antimicrobial protection
  • Will not adhere to the wound and will not allow for in-growth of granulation tissue
  • Easy to apply to oddly shaped, tunneled and undermined wounds
  • Eliminates the "2-hour rule"
Dome Kits
Product #DescriptionQty / Case
NP-0013Small Gauze Kit with Triple Release Transeal10
NP-0014Medium Gauze Kit with Triple Release Transeal10
NP-0015Large Gauze Kit with Triple Release Transeal10
Drain Kits
Product #DescriptionQty / Case
NP-0010Small Flat Drain Kit10
NP-0011Medium Flat Drain Kit10
NP-0012Large Flat Drain Kit10
NP-0020Small 10FR Round Kit10
NP-0021Medium 10FR Round Kit10
NP-0022Large Round Drain Kit10
NP-0023Large 10FR Round Kit10
NP-0034PRO-II® Small Flat Drain Kit10
NP-0035PRO-II® Medium Flat Drain Kit10
NP-0036PRO-II® Medium 15FR Round Kit10
NP-004528 FR Drain NPWT Kit10

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