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  • Feb 1
    Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs visited our Powell campus.
  • Jan 31
    For the 2019 National Sales meeting, we introduced the theme “Building Your Business.” We will continue to build on the foundation of many years and consider ourselves 46 Years Strong for 2019.
  • Aug 15
    2018 has been a momentous year for DeRoyal, with 45 years in business! When you think back to 1973 to present, the enormity of change that we have encompassed is a bit overwhelming.
  • Aug 7
    We continued our celebration of 45 years in business and our quarterly philanthropy fundraising by supporting the American Cancer Society with a silent auction.
  • Jun 30
    Tennessee’s most popular and well-known nickname is "The Volunteer State," earned during the War of 1812. However, this nickname was solidified during the Mexican War when the secretary of state asked for only 2,800 Tennessee volunteers and 30,000 Tennesseans responded.

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