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  • Sep 11
    Recently, Pete DeBusk led a team to patent another revolutionary product, the Element™ Ankle Brace. Pete recognized that ankle bracing was missing a key element, control of the heel. DeRoyal patented an ankle brace with a strapping system that stabilizes the heel to prevent inversion/eversion of the ankle. DeRoyal is constantly building on its foundation of improving care and improvi
  • May 7
    DeRoyal's Green Initiative is featured in this May 7, 2012 article of the Knoxville Business Journal:
  • May 2
    Enhancing its growth in the global healthcare marketplace, DeRoyal has opened a sales & marketing office in Dublin, Ireland. This new office will operate as DeRoyal Global Healthcare Solutions, Limited, an Irish company. It is located at 12 Camden Row; Dublin 8; IRELAND.
  • Nov 30
    DeRoyal Industries Inc., with a 38 year history of providing high quality products and innovative services to the healthcare industry, announces its entry into the global orthopaedic fracture repair market. “We are incredibly excited to offer a line of high quality, domestically manufactured orthopaedic trauma implants,” said DeRoyal CEO, Brian DeBusk. “In today's healthcare environment, doctors and hospitals need access to cutting-edge technology that is also mindful of mounting cost pressures.
  • May 31
    DeRoyal was awarded this designation by fulfilling at least one step in every category of’s Green Business Challenge, and scoring at least 30 points.

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