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  • May 1
    The University of Tennessee Medical Center and DeRoyal Industries are partnering to bring an innovative supplies tracking system with the potential to revolutionize efficiency and patient safety in the operating room.
  • Oct 14
    DeRoyal Industries, Inc. announced today the acquisition of AMI’s Saf-T-Glove™
  • Oct 13
    The solution, H2NO, manages and helps dispose of waste fluid during a variety of medical procedures, and offers anti-fatigue properties with unique fluid channels that keep the clinician comfortable and safe.
  • Sep 29
    Trans radial catheterization (through the radial artery in the wrist) has many clinical advantages over the more traditional trans femoral (through the femoral artery in the groin) including fewer bleeding complications and earlier ambulation of the patient. As a result, the radial access approach has become increasingly popular over the last several years. This approach does require some special supplies, one of which is a device to help stop the bleeding at the puncture site in the wrist.
  • Aug 26
    Today, inventory management, billing for services rendered and the medical items dispensed to patients can present challenges for Durable Medical Equipment firms. According to Pittman: “Our system is extraordinarily passive and easy to use for clinicians which is crucial as hospitals continue to outsource their durable medical equipment needs to 3rd parties.”

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